National Bike Week: Three Key Benefits

We’ve talked extensively about the importance of avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and how to do so. Regular physical activity helps prevent many serious health conditions, and as the weather warms up, the opportunities for physical activity increase exponentially! Bicycling is a great way to stay active and get outside. Below, we are sharing three key benefits of biking. 

  • Improving Cardiovascular Health

    Bicycling is a great form of cardio. Even 10 minutes a day is enough to begin seeing a boost in your fitness levels. Biking has been proven to improve your aerobic capacity. The great thing about bicycling is that it can be as intense of a workout as you want it to be, or a relatively light and moderate activity.

  • Boosting Mental Health

    Needing to focus on your path and maintaining balance on your bike ride is a great way to shift focus to develop more concentration and awareness of your present environment. This works to ease feelings of depression, stress and anxiety. 

    According to the NIH, physical activity as a whole is believed to cause an exercise-induced increase in blood circulation to the brain. This leads to an impact on physiologic reactivity to stress.

  • Improvements in Balance and Coordination

    Because biking forces you to stabilize your body and keep your bike upright, this is a great way to work on your overall balance and coordination. Working to improve your balance helps prevent falls and decreases your risk of injury. 

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