At Lattimore Physical Therapy, we believe in transparency and providing our clients with accurate and upfront information regarding the estimated costs associated with our services. This Good Faith Estimate page outlines the key factors and considerations when it comes to estimating the expenses related to your physical therapy treatment.

  1. Treatment Evaluation: 1.1. Initial Assessment: Our licensed physical therapists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your condition during the initial assessment session. This evaluation will help determine the type and duration of treatment required for your specific needs.
  2. Treatment Plan: 2.1. Based on the evaluation, our physical therapists will develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to address your individual goals and healthcare requirements. 2.2. The treatment plan may include a variety of services, such as therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, modalities, education, and home exercise programs.
  3. Estimated Sessions: 3.1. The number of sessions required to achieve your desired treatment goals may vary depending on the complexity and severity of your condition. 3.2. Our physical therapists will provide you with an estimated range of sessions during the initial assessment, considering factors such as your diagnosis, treatment goals, and progress throughout the therapy process.
  4. Billing Rates: 4.1. Our billing rates are based on industry standards and the expertise of our licensed physical therapists. 4.2. The cost per session may vary depending on the specific services provided, the duration of the session, and any specialized techniques or equipment used.
  5. Insurance Coverage: 5.1. Lattimore Physical Therapy accepts various health insurance plans. We recommend contacting your insurance provider to understand the coverage details, including any applicable deductibles, co-pays, or coinsurance. 5.2. Our team can assist you in verifying your insurance coverage and explaining the benefits and limitations of your plan.
  6. Out-of-Pocket Expenses: 6.1. If you do not have insurance coverage or have exhausted your benefits, our team can provide you with information on self-pay options. 6.2. Our administrative staff will work with you to discuss the estimated costs associated with your treatment and explore possible payment plans or financial assistance programs, if available.

Please note that this Good Faith Estimate is provided as an approximation based on the information available at the time of assessment. Actual costs may vary due to factors such as individual progress, unforeseen circumstances, or changes in insurance coverage.

Our team is committed to maintaining open communication and will keep you informed of any updates or changes to the estimated costs throughout your treatment journey. We are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your physical therapy treatment.

For more information or to discuss your specific situation, please contact our office at We look forward to assisting you on your path to recovery and wellness.

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