Global Running Day




Each year on the first Wednesday in June, individuals around the world celebrate Global Running Day. The goal of Global Running Day is to recognize the positive impacts that running can have on the physical and mental health of an individual, encourage people to get out and active, and also unify those in a global effort to promote community and wellbeing.

It’s not just for physical fitness, but for emotional and mental fitness, and really to be a part of something that is so much bigger than yourself.
— Deena Kastor, Olympian and American Record

Here are a few of the benefits of running and our favorite local parks to go running.


Especially during these challenging times, running has been a solution to help relieve anxiety and stress and also to stay active and healthy. If you’re an avid runner, consider inviting a nonrunner to take up the sport. If you’re a beginner or have been needing a motivational boost, consider this the chance to push yourself and join thousands of people across the globe. Whether you run a few miles or just around the block, by yourself or with a friend, it’s the perfect day to go for a run!




 Even further, you can participate in the Run 1 Tag 1 social media challenge. Run 1 mile for someone that inspires you (or complete an at-home exercise), and tag a friend to do the same. 

And always remember, as you celebrate Global Running Day it’s important to stay safe and take precautions to protect both yourself and your community. Happy Running!

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