Five Stretches to Keep You Loose and Pain-Free While You Work Your Desk Job

Lattimore Patient stretching with postures

We are all guilty of spending long periods of time at some point either at home or at work. Here are 5 stretches to keep you pain-free if you aren’t able to really get up and walk around!

This article will take a top-down approach starting with your neck and looking at one good stretch for several key areas.

Lattimore Patient stretching leg sitting on chair

  1. Chin Tucks: while sitting up straight pretend your chin is on a shelf and slide your chin straight back. Hold for 5 seconds and try 15 repetitions

  2. Posture drills: for a full body reset slide forward in your chair so you are unsupported. Squeeze your shoulder blades together, tighten your core muscles and sit up as tall as possible. Hold this good upright posture for 10 seconds and try 15 reps (but really this is how we should sit all the time so longer is better if possible!).

  3. Lumbar extension in standing: it is important to reverse the impact of sitting on your low back. Stand up at your desk, place your hands on your hips and slowly bend backwards as far as possible. Pause for a second or 2 in the extended position and return to upright. Try 3 sets of 10 as often as you can!

  4. Seated hamstring stretch:while sitting on the edge of your chair put one leg out in front of you with your knee straight and your toes pointed up towards the sky. Keep your back upright and just bend forward at the waist. Do not worrying about touching your toes as this usually leads to flexing through the lumbar spine. Hold this stretch 10 seconds and try 10–15 repetitions.

  5. Standing Hip Flexor Stretch: when we spend a lot of time seated our hip flexors can become tight which leads to back pain and other hip related issues. To fight this place your foot on the back of your chair or on your desk and simply stand up tall or lean back slightly to feel a stretch in front of your hip and thigh. Hold this position for 10 seconds and perform 10–15 repetitions.

  6. Bonus Tip: When sitting for prolonged periods try using a lumbar roll which can be as simply as a rolled up bath or beach towel. Place this directly in the curve of your low back just above your hips to help you in maintaining correct upright posture.


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